Dr Mohamed A. Sheikh

Dr Mohamed A. Sheikh

Director General

Dr. Mohamed Sheikh is the Director General for the National Council for Population and Development, a Semi-Autonomous Government Agency under The National Treasury and Planning.
He previously served as the Head of Family Health Department, Ministry of Health Kenya.
He is a Medical Doctor and hold a master degree in International Public Health and a second Master in Maternal and Child health.

A seasoned civil servant, Dr Sheikh, has served with excellence having had over sixteen years of experience in senior level health management systems and leadership. As the head of the department of family health, he oversaw the coordination and development of policies, strategies, guidelines and capacity building in Reproductive, Maternal, newborn, adolescent health and nutrition in the country. Dr. Sheikh is credited for the introduction of innovative interventions including the breast milk bank being piloted in Kenya, use of chlorohexidine for cord care, introduction of amoxicillin DT for treatment of pneumonia in children and introduction of new vaccines. These great ideas have greatly contributed to reduction in maternal and child morbidity and mortality in the Kenya.
While serving as the provincial director of medical services, North Eastern province of Kenya, he contributed immensely to the improvement of maternal and child health indicators through introduction of innovative programmes within the region.

Dr. Sheikh serves as board director of the Anti- Female genital Mutilation (FGM) in Kenya, He is also an advisor of a multi donor trust fund for GFF.

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