Corporate Directorate

The Directorate is responsible for providing strategic leadership and development of policies for ensuring efficient and effective planning, management of finances, human resource, ICT, administrative matters and maintenance of good corporate image. Corporate services at NCPD are provided by the following Divisions:

1. Human Resource and Administration Division
The Division comprises three functional areas: Human Resource Management, Administration and Records Management. The Division is responsible with Human resource management (terms of attraction, retention, and development), and asset management and records management

2. Finance and Accounts Division
The Division is responsible for ensuring prudent management of all funds provided to and or mobilized by the Council.

3. Planning and Strategy Division
The Division is responsible for ensuring that the Council adopts and implements effective strategies. It also provides advisory functions to the top management on planning, performance management and budgeting.

4. ICT Division
The Division is responsible for effective management of ICT resources in support of operations of the Council.

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