Director General provides strategic leadership in coordination, implementation, advisory, advocacy and research on population and development issues. Spearheading the formulation of the Population Policy and mobilize resources for the population programme while maintaining the highest political support and continuous engagement with stakeholders and oversee the Council’s operations to realize the organization’s mandate.


  1. To spearhead formulation, implementation, coordination and monitoring of the Population Policy and programme.
  2. To oversees advocacy, public education and research on population and development issues.
  3. To advise the Government on population issues that may not be adequately or appropriately addressed.
  4. To spearhead resource mobilisation and provision of technical support for implementation of population programmes and projects.
  5. To oversee formulation of the Council’s policies, procedures, strategies, standards and guidelines.
  6. To drive collaborative and strategic partnerships regionally and internationally for support of Population and development programme.
  7. To oversee the continuous improvement of the quality and value of services provided by the Council.
  8. To drive initiatives to promote integrity, professionalism and foster a culture that upholds ethical and good corporate governance.
  9. To oversee human capital acquisition, development, retention, performance and separation.
  10. To oversee the overall management of the Council’s operations to ensure quality, efficient and effective use of resources.
  11. To act as Principal spokesperson of the Council.
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