Dr. Mohamed Sheikh
Dr. Mohamed Sheikh Director General
Mr. Peter Nyakwara
Mr. Peter NyakwaraDirector of Technical Services
Mrs. Margaret MwangiDirector Corporate Services
Ms Lucy W. Kimondo
Ms Lucy W. KimondoDeputy Director Communication, Advocacy and Public Education Division
MS Catherine Ndei
MS Catherine NdeiDeputy Director Policy and Research
Ms. Dorothy Oliech
Ms. Dorothy OliechDeputy Director Human Resource Management & Administration
Ms. Taslim Mueni Wason
Ms. Taslim Mueni WasonDeputy Director Finance and Accounts
Mr. Nzomo Mulatya
Mr. Nzomo MulatyaDeputy Director – Programmes Coordination and Advisory
Ms.Shelmith Mugo
Ms.Shelmith MugoDeputy Director – Planning, Budgeting, Resource Mobilization, Monitoring and Evaluation
Mr.Samuel Lubanga
Mr.Samuel LubangaChief ICT Officer
Mr.William Ochola
Mr.William OcholaChief Supply Chain Management Officer
Mr.Mwongela Mikwa
Mr.Mwongela MikwaChief Public Relations Officer
Ms.Susan Njeri
Ms.Susan NjeriChief Internal Auditor